Frankie 4

Gone are the days where comfortable, functional shoes have to be ugly and bulky. Frankie4 are designed by Australian Podiatrist and Physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch. The shoes are fashion forward and on trend as well as being comfortable and good for your feet. On top of this they are able to accommodate orthotics. As of March 2017 Hobsonville Podiatry will stock the Ellie and Nat styles in clinic for purchase. All Frankie4 shoes come with functional foot beds and different innersoles to accommodate different shapes of feet and create the perfect fit for you.



Revere sandals have been designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts to provide maximum adjustability to support a range of foot types. Revere sandals are made with a removable footbed for those required to wear custom made orthotic devices. The extra depth unit allows for a wide variety of custom orthotics to be inserted without taking away from the styling or look of the shoes.

Shoe Clinic

Shoe Clinic

We work closely with the team at Shoe Clinic Albany to ensure all our clients are fitted into the correct shoe for them. The staff at Shoe Clinic are incredibly helpful and know the shoes they sell intricately.



Vionic is a worldwide company with a wide range of slippers, sandals, shoes and boots. All of their footwear has strong and supportive soles to help align your feet and allow for better functioning.

Here at Hobsonville Podiatry we stock the Bella Toe Post Jandal and we are happy to order in any style you are after. Alternatively, you can shop online and by clicking the link below you receive free shipping on any order. If you prefer the shopping experience, Vionic have their first concept store in Newmarket, Auckland.



For all types of bracing and rehab equipment, Whiteley is our go-to provider. Click on the Whiteley logo to be taken to the Hobsonville Podiatry “My Physio Shop” where you will receive 15% off retail price of all products!



Ziera are what was the old Kumfs shoes. The company was started in New Zealand back in 1944 by two Podiatrists. Since then their core focus has been “a dedication for both style and comfort”. Ziera shoes are supportive on their own, built with a strong midfoot and shapely arch, however if you are requiring more support from their shoes the insoles can be removed from most styles and replaced with a custom orthotic device

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