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Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) are at risk of damaging their nerves and blood vessels in their feet. This results in loss of sensation & decreased blood flow to the lower limbs, which in turn increases the risk of infection and wound formation. If left untreated or poorly managed, diabetic wounds can result in a bone infection and sadly subsequent amputation of limbs.

When to seek treatment:

If you have diabetes and:

  • You’ve never had a foot check
  • You have noticed a change in the feeling in your feet – eg: tingling, numbness, burning
  • You notice a change in the colour of your feet that is not related to a change in temperature.
  • You have a cut / sore that won’t heal
  • You have a lot of hard, dry skin on your feet that is prone to cracking/splitting
  • If you struggle with ingrown toenails and associated infection.

How we can help

At Hobsonville Podiatry we provide preventative diabetic foot care. We recommend every person who has been diagnosed with diabetes has annual foot checks with their GP and if required, regular appointments with a Podiatrist. By providing preventative care the hope is that we can help to reduce the rate of wound development and subsequent amputations. Preventative care involves screening your feet; checking blood flow, sensation & areas at high risk of ulceration. We remove any callus & corns, manage ingrown toenails and educate you as to how best care for your feet to prevent these complications from developing. If needed, we can refer you on to dieticians, vascular specialists and diabetes specialists. If you present to the clinic with a wound, we will create a wound care plan with you and refer you to the high risk foot clinic for specialised care.

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