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Bracing and Orthotics

We have a stock of orthotics, ankle braces & moon boots in clinic to ensure that if you need a brace quickly, we can have you fitted and leaving with it in the same day. If we need to order in a special brace for you, our suppliers are Auckland based, meaning the brace can be with you by the following day.


Orthotics are in-shoe supports that alter your foot function, in order to take pressure off damaged tissues and allow healing to take place. There are a wide range of orthotic materials available meaning we can usually find something to suit everyone!

Prefabricated vs. Custom orthotics

Prefabricated orthotics are temporary devices we use to alter foot posture and function while you are recovering from an injury. They are often made of a soft EVA foam. Once the injury has settled and you have adequate foot and ankle strength, you can cease wearing the orthotics.  These are kept in stock at Hobsonville Podiatry,  enabling  us to get treatment under way immediately.

Customised orthotics are created from a scan or a cast of your foot. From this, your orthotics are created specifically for you. Custom orthotics are often made from a harder material and as a result can last 10+ years. They are often easier to adapt to because they are customised from your foot impressions/scans, meaning the lumps and bumps of the orthotics match your feet! As they are customised to your feet, they take about 2-3 weeks to be created.

Most injuries will improve with either type of orthotic, your Podiatrist will discuss what is best for you during your consultation.

Bracing & Moonboots

Bracing and moon booting offer ways for us to immobilise the foot and ankle to speed up healing and decrease pain. All braces we carry in clinic are able to be worn with most shoes.

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