Welcome to Hobsonville Podiatry

We enjoy helping people of all ages “get back on their feet”.  We are aware of the negative impact of foot pain on your daily activities and it is our goal to help strengthen your foundations to build a stronger you from the ground up! We are ACC accredited, but you do not have to have an ACC number or a referral to book an appointment with us.
Our Philosophy

To treat everyone as individuals and shape their treatment appropriately. Our aim is to treat the whole person instead of just their symptoms. We work closely with other allied medical professionals to ensure the best treatment possible.
  • Lauren provided me with some custom orthotics and corrective exercises, which quickly relieved all my symptoms
  • I've been treated by Lauren for two separate foot issues over five years, and found her to be very determined and extremely professional.
  • I was a bit nervous about going to a podiatrist, but Lauren put me at ease straight away!
  • For you it is perhaps an hour or two with a client. For me it is being able to function pain free for years to come.
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