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Footwear Advice

We will discuss footwear with most patients, as what is worn on the feet greatly affects foot health. Everyday footwear is discussed as well as sports shoe options.

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Lower Limb Aches And Pains

Our bodies are pretty amazing at healing minor injuries themselves, but when a niggle has continued on for too long, sometimes our bodies need a little assistance to get back onto a healing path.

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Orthotics and Bracing

We have a stock of ankle braces, moon boots and orthotics in clinic, ready to fit.

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Pre And Post Surgical Care

Patients can see us before or after surgery to ensure they have the best support possible to aid in their rehabilitation. We will work closely with your surgeon to ensure treatment is the best possible.

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Children are not just mini adults, their bones are still growing and their muscles not yet fully developed. The injuries that children suffer from can be quite different from those of adults, therefore the management of their injury or pain is different as well.

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Fungal Nail Treatment

Onychomychocis is a fungal nail infection and it affects roughly 10% of the population. At Hobsonville Podiatry we treat people with fungal nail infections daily and offer both conservative measures and more involved procedures.

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Ingrown Toenails And Nail Maintenance

Ingrown toenails are often very painful and will not settle unless the offending piece of nail is removed to decrease pressure on the skin. We provide conservative and surgical measures to help manage ingrown toe nails and will discuss the best approach at the initial assessment.

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Corns And Callus

Corns and callus are a result of high levels of pressure on the foot or joints of the foot. We can easily and painlessly remove corns and reduce callus to increase comfort immediately. In most cases we will also look for ways to reduce the initial pressure to prevent the corns or callus from returning.

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Verruca Treatment

Verrucas are a viral infection of the skin, they are often confused with corns as they give the same uncomfortable symptoms. Treatment of verrucas is very different to corn treatment though – it requires clearing the virus from the skin.

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Diabetic Footcare

Diabetics are at risk of developing neuropathy, or reduced sensation in their feet, and peripheral arterial disease or reduced blood flow to their feet. As a result, Diabetics are at a higher risk of complications from these changes.

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Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is the removal of hard, thick skin and reduction of nails performed by a qualified, registered Podiatrist. Instruments used are sterilised to the Allied Health Standards using a benchtop steriliser. The use of sterilised instruments reduces the risk of infection and cross contamination.

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Preparing for Surgery

If you are booked for nail surgery with us, please click below for some helpful preparation tips.

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