Footwear Advice

We will discuss footwear with most patients, as what is worn on the feet greatly affects foot health. Everyday footwear is discussed as well as sports shoe options. We work closely with shoe shops to ensure you get the best shoe for you!


Lower Limb Aches and Pains

These can include but are not limited to heel pain, calf pain, shin pain, forefoot pain, toe numbness, arthritic pain, and post-surgical pain. At Hobsonville Podiatry we are of the belief that health and wellbeing is holistic, to function properly as individuals it is important all areas of our lives are in balance. Therefore as well as assessing your foot and lower limb position, gait and range of motion to establish a good understanding of how your body functions, we will also ask about other aspects of your life that may be influencing your pain and dysfunction, preventing you from functioning optimally.


Management of Injuries

We are ACC registered to provide care for those who have injured themselves. ACC fund part of the treatment, there is a surcharge to cover the rest.


Pre and Post Surgical Care

Patients can see us before or after surgery to ensure they have the best support possible to aid in their rehabilitation - some examples are: ankle fusions, bunionectomies, tendon transfers or releases, post traumatic surgery eg car or motorbike accidents. We will work closely with your surgeon to ensure treatment is the best possible.



Children are not just mini adults, their bones are still growing and their muscles not yet fully developed. The injuries that children suffer from can be quite different from those of adults, therefore the management of their injury or pain is different as well. We love working with growing bodies to get them back into their sports or daily activities free of pain.


Fungal nail treatment

Onychomychocis is a fungal nail infection and it affects roughly 10% of the population. At Hobsonville Podiatry we treat people with fungal nail infections daily and offer both conservative measures and more involved procedures such as the Clearanail procedure. Photos are taken during every session to track progress and modify treatment approach if required. If you would like more information regarding the Clearanail treatment please click here.


Ingrown Toenails and Nail Maintenance

Ingrown toenails are often very painful and will not settle unless the offending piece of nail is removed to decrease pressure on the skin. We provide conservative and surgical measures to help manage ingrown toe nails and will discuss the best approach at the initial assessment.


Corns and Callus

Corns and callus are a result of high levels of pressure on the foot or joints of the foot. Callus is generalised area of hard skin, where as a corn is a focussed area of hard skin and will often feel like a splinter or piece of glass in your foot. We can easily and painlessly remove corns and reduce callus to increase comfort immediately. In most cases we will also look for ways to reduce the initial pressure to prevent the corns or callus from returning.


Verruca Treatment

Verrucas are a viral infection of the skin, they are often confused with corns as they give the same uncomfortable symptoms. Treatment of verrucas is very different to corn treatment though - it requires clearing the virus from the skin. We provide advice for conservative at home care and we also offer a surgical procedure that works well if you are generally healthy. If you are immune compromised or run down this procedure will not work well for you as it requires the immune system to be functioning well. We offer advice on ways to boost your immune system to enhance the treatments.



Diabetics are at risk of developing neuropathy, or reduced sensation in their feet, and peripheral arterial disease or reduced blood flow to their feet. These complications can increase the risk of an ulcer forming from a small corn, callus or ingrown toenail. At Hobsonville Podiatry we focus on preventing ulcers from occurring through regular foot checks and preventative general foot care. If you have an active wound on your foot we can refer you to the appropriate secondary care services for treatment.

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