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Children are not just mini adults, their bones are still growing and their muscles not yet fully developed. The injuries that children suffer from can be quite different from those of adults, therefore the management of their injury or pain is different as well. We regularly work with children and their families to get them back into their sports or daily activities free of pain.

When to seek advice

  • You notice your child struggles to keep up when walking in a group
  • Your child complains of sore feet/legs
  • You notice your child limping
  • Your child is walking on their toes regularly
  • Your child’s gait looks awkward and is energy intensive

How we can help

We do a thorough assessment of your child’s posture, function and strength as well as examining gait and movement patterns. We are familiar with what is ‘normal’ at each stage of a child’s development.

Often when working with children, we do mild interventions and a lot of monitoring over many years – examining development. We enjoy watching children grow and move easier as a result of our input.

We are aware that coming into a clinical environment can be daunting for some children. Our clinicians love working with children and endeavour to make the consultations fun and interactive so they don’t feel too uncomfortable.

Opening Hours

Monday 7am – 6pm
Tuesday 7am – 6pm
Wednesday 7am – 6pm
Thursday 7am – 6pm
Friday 7am – 6pm
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