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Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is the removal of hard, thick skin and reduction of nails performed by a qualified, registered Podiatrist. Instruments used are sterilised to the Allied Health Standards using a benchtop steriliser. The use of sterilised instruments reduces the risk of infection and cross contamination.

During a medical pedicure your clinician will:

  • Trim and file all nails using sterilised equipment. Any thickened nails will be thinned with our electric file.
  • Removal of hard skin and debris down the side of the nail.
  • Remove all hard skin using a sterile, single use scalpel blade.
  • Smooth the skin using a single-use sanding disc.
  • Treat any splits or cracks in the skin, often using a hydrating dressing
  • Provide advice regarding prevention of splits & cracks
  • Apply a top of the line cream to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated
  • Provide advice regarding best skin and nail care to maintain that medi-pedi feeling long after you have left the clinic.

Opening Hours

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